Rich nature,
the roof of Japan
Brewing sake with
subsoil water from
the Alps Mountains.

Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. The city is a basin surrounded by mountains such as the Japanese Alps and its inland climate causes a large difference in seasonal temperatures, and winters are very cold. The culture of “cold brewing” was born out of this climate.

Our brewery was founded in 1869. The founder of the brewery, Hanjuro Kamei, began brewing sake in this area more than 150 years ago. We continue to brew fine sake in the traditional way, making the most of the harsh winters brought about by nature and the blessings of the underground water from the Alps and the local Nagano land.

Commitment to
Sake Brewing

Brewing sake in
Matsumoto, Shinshu

If sake is brewed in an airtight room, there is no point in brewing it in Matsumoto. The founder decided to brew sake in Matsumoto, Shinshu. Using local water, local rice, local people, and local climate, we continue to carefully craft sake that is the pride of Matsumoto, Shinshu.

  • Water

    From rice washing to preparation, we always use subsoil water from the Japan Alps mountain range. Groundwater is pumped up from a well dug 62 meters underground on the brewery’s premises and is soft with a water temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, which is cool even in summer. It is the most important factor in extracting the taste of the rice. Water is the lifeblood of sake brewing.

  • Rice

    Nagano, one of the best rice-producing areas in Japan, has nurtured a variety of sake rice. Local rice is the only rice that goes well with local water. All the rice used in our brewing is locally grown in Nagano, including Sankei-nishiki, which has become synonymous with our brewery, as well as Miyama-nishiki and Yamada-nishiki.

  • Sake Brewing

    Sake is made by hand. We do not mechanize the brewing process more than necessary in order to preserve the traditional “cold brewing” technique of sake cultivated in Matsumoto and to make the most of the sake brewing process that has been handed down from generation to generation by the brewers. We know that this is going against the trend of the world. However, we will continue to pursue the “handmade taste” that cannot be achieved by machine brewing.

A grain of life.
A drop of life.
Quality of sake
comes first.
No shortcuts in
sake brewing.

We put life into each grain and carry life in each drop. We brew sake by bringing out the best of the rice. While taking detours, we continue to brew sake, dreaming of the time when it will be served in your mouths.

Product Lineup


A pure rice brand made from rice grown in Nagano Prefecture. “Miyama-nishiki” grown under contract. “Hitogokochi” locally grown in Matsumoto. “Sankei-nishiki,” a new variety of Nagano sake rice. From Junmai Daiginjo, which has won numerous contests, to Junmai sake stored in a natural refrigerator called “windhole,” we offer a lineup of sake that brings out the best of the rice.


A brand of flavorful sake made with rice grown in Nagano Prefecture and brewing alcohol added. “Miyama-nishiki” grown under contract. “Kaze Sayaka” is an original rice produced in Nagano Prefecture. “Yamada-nishiki” made in Nagano is the standard. The lineup includes a wide range of sake, from daily table sake to daiginjo for gift-giving and celebratory occasions.

Seasonal Sake

Sake changes in maturity with each season. Each season and each year brings a different taste that is unique and once in a lifetime. In spring, we offer “Spring Sake”, in summer “Fresh Stored Sake”, in fall “Hiyahoroshi", and in winter “Shiboritate New Sake”, Kametaya’s best seasonal sake, available only for a limited time and in limited quantities. Please enjoy pairing with seasonal food and dishes.

Other Products

Junmai Amazake from the brewery is genuine handmade sweet sake made from Nagano rice with only rice and rice malt as ingredients. Using high quality rice malt and sake brewing techniques, it is unsweetened but has a gentle sweetness. Sake liqueur “Shinshu Fururu” is a sake-based liqueur made with fruits produced in Nagano Prefecture. The full flavor of the fruit is extracted, and the unique process makes it healthy for the human body.

Kametaya’s Thoughts

Brewinga joyful moment.

We wish to brew sake and have a relationship with our customers with the same passion as that of brewing sake.

A time to savor and enjoy sake. A time to visit Kametaya and experience the culture of Japanese sake. A time to enjoy shopping at our Sake Museum. We hope you will have a “Enjoyable Time”. With this in mind, we at Kametaya Sake Brewery have been and will continue to be dedicated to the brewing of sake.

Sake Brewery
Main House
(Old Private House)

Built in 1885, the old private house gives visitors a sense of good old-fashioned nostalgia, as if they were transported back in time to the Meiji era the moment they pass through the door. There is a counter where sake was sold and raw materials were received, a dirt floor where horse-drawn carts used to pass, a sunken hearth with a large atrium, and many tools used to make sake before mechanization. The exhibition hall also features panels showing the brewing process of Kametaya’s sake brewery, along with displays that recall those days.

  • Visitors without reservations may not be accepted. Please make a reservation in advance.
  • Groups (7 or more people) will be charged 550 yen per person (tax included) for the tour and tasting.Please contact the store staff for details.
  • Tours are not available during the brewing season (October to March) due to certain circumstances.
Reserve a tour of
the brewery’s
main house.
  • Please enter the desired date, time, number of participants,
    and whether visitors will come by bus or not, and submit.

Direct Sake Shop

The store offers a wide range of Kametaya Sake, from the well-known standard products to seasonal sake. Tastings (charged) are available, so you can take your time in making your selection while enjoying the different tastes. In addition to various types of sake, we also have a variety of sake brewing goods such as liqueurs, amazake (sweet sake), and snacks waiting for you.

Business hours: 
9:30am - 04:30pm
Wednesdays, New Year’s holidays, Golden Week, Obon,
and the last day of every month

Sake sale by

This is a limited sake sales event held on the last Friday and Saturday of each month. Each month, “super-limited” sake, which is not distributed to the general public, is sold directly from the brewery’s tanks. A different sake will be available each month throughout the year, so depending on the time of year, you can enjoy a variety of sakes, some freshly pressed and others that have undergone special storage. You can choose from 300ml, 720ml, and 1800ml containers, which are filled from the tank right in front of you. On Saturdays and Sundays, kitchen cars will be on site, and limited time offerings of sweets will be available. If you come to the neighborhood, please stop by.

  • The dates of the event may change from month to month.
    For more information, please visit our Instagram.


Kametaya Sake Brewery

2748 Shimadachi,
Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 390-0852

Parking lot For 2 large buses and about 20 passenger cars
By car

5 minutes from “Matsumoto IC” of Chuo Expressway

Approx. 15 min. from “Matsumoto Station” of JR Shinonoi Line, Chuo Main Line, and Oito Line

Approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes from Kamikochi Sawatari Parking Lot

By train Approx. 10 min. on foot or approx. 2 min. by cab from Shimonii Station on the Alpico Kotsu Kamikochi Line.
  • Travel time varies depending on conditions.
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